Mega-Event Highlights


On the one hand a Megaevent is defined about the number of participants. On the other hand you need high quality highlights and the best fitting supporting programme. Because everyone only wants to say one quote in the end: It was great, I have experienced something!

Climbing, first try, try out…

Trying, touching and experience is the aim!

When we thought about the programme for the first time, It was quickly clear, that there must be something for every flavour. From beginners with perhaps no single fund until proven cacher.

This extremely rare type of cache is missing in the stats of probably the most participiants. So it was quite clear, that this Mega needs a workshop for muggles and first time users for finding out how great our hobby can be..

Interested Muggles get a first impression under expert guidance, and see what makes our hobby that great and cool.

Climbing from professionals for professionals: Thalheim has got an own climbing wall, so it is logical to include it in our Mega. Professionals help all interested parties, and so first climbing experiences can be made. Of course some T5 caches to the conquest are available in addition to the climbing wall, where probably the one or the other T5 professional will help. In the spirit of “Cachers help cachers!”

We are very pleased that we have won various companies over for product presentations and shows whiloe the Mega. Let´s be honest: What would our hobby be without corresponding equippement? Touching & feeling & trying out is the only way to find the fitting material.

We look forward , that this will all be possible!!


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Cache mobile meeting

Participants: 318
Listing: GC4AXZE

Sunrise T5 – Side event

Participants: 189
Listing: GC46PV8


Participants: 1.683
Listing: GC3Q8DH


Participants: 196
Listing: GC4C1Q6

Geocaching Mega-Event

On 1. & 2. of June 2013
Thalheim / Wels


The Geocaching Mega Event "Project Twentythirteen" is organized by the "Upper Austrian Geocaching Society".

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